Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tax receipt 1.4.2015

Happy 2015!

Don't forget to pay our taxes....

My Marblehead tax bill just arrived, what better subject for the blog!

Tax receipt 1773

Samuel Chapman is recorded as Born. 1717 to John Chapman and Elizabeth Cooke

nothing else is known.   John Roads is mentioned in" History and Traditions of Marblehead"

as a "shoreman" holding property on Marblehead neck in 1724. 

Weather or not this is the same man is not certain.

The "Tea Act" received royal assent on May 10th 1773, implications of which would be acted upon

by colonists on December 16 the same year at The Boston Tea Party ultimately contributing 

to the "Declaration of Independence" In 1776 and the subsequent"War For Independence".

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