Sunday, January 31, 2016

1.31.16 Elizabeth Hovey

Elizabeth Hovey

 At the time of this photo she was 19 years old, she had just skippered "Oriole" to victory

in "30 square meter" trials against German and Swedish rivals.

Elizabeth came from one of the most famous yachting families in the U.S.

Her father Chandler Hovey was a competitor and Corinthian yachtsman of the purest form. In 1930 and 34 he financed, managed and skippered the J-Boat Yankee. In the first years that followed the Cup races, Hovey acquired the Weetamoe and joined the other J-Class yachts in fierce competition.In the 1934 cup trials Mr. Hovey came within one second of the win.... though devastated by the result he never lost enthusiasm for the Cup. In 1937 trials he competed with RAINBOW against the super J-Boat RANGER. With the inception of 12 meter class  he stood alone when the  request went out to build a defender for the new class. His EASTERNER sailed in the Cup trials of '58,'62, and '64.
 Chandler Hovey commisioned  Ray Hunt to design the the varnish hulled yacht. Easterner was built by the Graves Yacht Yard in Marblehead and would be skippered by Hovey and crewed by his family, all of whom were passionate yachtsman. Easterner was considered the fastest of the early 12's but did not fair well in the trials for the Cup.

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