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Anzani engine 5.10.15

This photo taken at the Burgess Company  in 1913.

This engine was used in the Model I : 20-cyl 220hp radial Anzani with a self-starter and four-

bladed pusher propeller. Wingspan: (upper) 41'4" (lower) 33'5" length: 30'6" Just one of 

these was built for sportsman-pilot Robert J Collier (donor of Collier Trophy). Cost $10,000

 excluding motor, which was provided by Collier. Sometimes confused with Model I Scout 

that was built for the U.S. Army signal corp.

This particular engine made its debut at the 1913 "Paris Aero Salon"

It certainly was very powerful for its day, 20 cylinders with 220 hp was 

nearly unheard of.  Anzani the first to use the "two row" configuration and "Automatic 

starter" on a radial style engine. 

 Just 4 years prior, a 3 cylinder Anzani engine powered Blériot in 

the first successful flight across the English Channel on July 25, 1909.

The reporter commented of the test flight
'On account of the difficulties in starting the motor by hand with a reducing gear a Hartford self-starter was installed and it is very pretty indeed to see Coffyn alongside the wharf press a button when the Anzani engine immediately jumps into action and the big double propellers create a hurricane that well nigh sweeps one of his feet if he happens to be behind it.'
First flown by Frank Coffyn in Marblehead, shown below.

Magazine cover showing the Burgess "Model I" in flight.

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