Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cigarette 4.5.15

Steam yacht "Cigarette" Marblehead harbor ca. 1911

Cigarette was owned by W.H. Ames, of the Ames Family, founders and owners of the 

 Cigarette 122ft 9 inches overall. Designed by Swasey, Raymond&Page and built by 

George Lawley and sons in 1905 at their South Boston yacht yard. 

During the first world war was taken into service by the  U.S. Navy under 

 number SP 12341 USS Cigarette.

Quoted from Power Boat News September 23, 1905 " On friday September 8th, her trial was 

most successful, her average rate of speed being 18.56 knots, or 21.37 statute miles per hour.

She has two Lawley triple expansion engines of 425 h.p. each".

 Marked on reverse"October 12, 1911 Cigarette making 25 mph From the skipper"

Crew USS Cigarette at Boston 1917

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