Sunday, March 1, 2015

Nefertiti 3.1.15

May 19, 1962

Mr E. Selman Graves, second generation owner of the yacht yard is seen in the foreground left. 

This original press photo was taken at Graves boat yard on Beacon St.

On the attached note:

"Marblehead, Mass. May 19- New Cup Boat Prepared For Launching-

Shipyard workers prepare new $300,000 yacht built for defense of America's Cup, for

 launching on high tide tonight. The 68-foot sloop reportedly will be christened "Nefertiti" at

 midnight tonight. This is the name of an Egyptian Queen renowned for her beauty. Mahogany

 craft has white epoxy topsides, bronze bottom and royal blue waterline. She will contend

against three other American boats for the right to meet Australian challenger "Gretel" in


Nefertiti was designed by Ted Hood for E. Ross Anderson.

Nefertiti was the second "12 Meter" class yacht built at the Graves Yard.  Previously in 1958, 

"Easterner"was built at the yard, designed by Marblehead resident Ray Hunt,

 for Chandler Hoveyfor which the park is named.

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