Sunday, December 21, 2014

Handcraft society 12.21.2014

Merry Christmas!

While we all dream of a white Christmas

this scene is not exactly what we would like to see...

 Taken from about where the "Barnacle" restaurant is today looking back up Front St and 

the end of Circle St.     The "Log Cabin Inn" and restaurant is on the right 

with the "Handcraft Society" building in the center, also pictured below.

This photo is marked on the back "Thompsons Studio Marblehead"

"Christmas Storm Dec. 26, 1909"

This storm and its high tides wreaked havoc all along the north eastern coast,

 also dumping two feet of snow in Philadelphia.

The Davis Palmer went aground on Finns ledge near Graves Light in Boston Harbor and 

the Grand Banks schooner Ada K Damon wrecked on

 Crane Beach in Ipswich Mass. during this same storm.

Handcraft Society   Front St.  presumably taken sometime in the 30s

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